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{is a proprietary tailored pigmentation applied using translucent shading}
The name represents a quality in procedure and was established to revolutionize the possibilities of the cosmetic world

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is a proprietary tailored pigmentation applied using translucent shading. The name represents a quality in procedure and was established to revolutionize the possibilities of the cosmetic world.

Beauty Art by JP èternel is the only permanent makeup created and applied by professional artists. It enables the lasting application of expertly refined makeup effects.

Fitting you through every environment and freeing you from potentially damaging topical cosmetics, Beauty Art offers an unmasked sensuality.

It is a revolutionary innovation achieved through a world-first combination of consummate tattooing skills, professional makeup and portrait expertise. For the first time effects are balanced thereby creating a genuine symmetry between both sides of the face, a result previously only obtainable through cosmetic surgery.

Few things in life can have a more dramatic effect than makeup. When professionally crafted a persons’ makeup conveys health, sensuality and confidence. When unprofessionally applied it makes people far less attractive, cheap or downright comical.

Permanent makeup is where traditional makeup effects are set through tattooing or ‘micro-pigmentation’. All effects are tattooed. Results are lasting and cannot easily be changed. The only removal options involve a painful laser or cosmetic surgery.

After visiting beauty salons Joey Pang discovered that technicians applied her permanent makeup. Most often technicians having completed a three week training course were selling these services. None were professional artists.

These beauty salon technicians require no artistic background, no expertise in portraits, no understanding of facial structure or even color theory. None had training in tattooing, shading, straight lines and a range of other foundational techniques. Materials came with no safety guarantee. And colors were rapidly processed; fading to unsightly primaries such as red, green and blue.

From fifteen years of experience and personally undergoing failed treatments – Joey Pang is passionate about changing the accepted standards.

She saw that genuine artists, not technicians, needed to collaborate with clients. Instead of pre-fabricated templates, artists must work to create professionally, uniquely crafted effects. Color needs to be individually prepared, for the base effects and so as not fade to primaries. Most importantly, only professional tattoo artists should be tattooing.

Joey Pang’s motivation is to show the world that these treatments do not need to be restricted by unprofessional application. Permanent makeup has the potential to change lives, to instill a confidence that has been previously unobtainable. These can be the most personal, lasting and naturally flattering beauty treatments imaginable. JP-èternel holds permanent makeup to be the most personal and expressive of art forms, it is not just a treatment. Joey Pang’s dream is to share this with you.

JP-èternel believes that real beauty is unencumbered, unmasked and timeless. Effects created must genuinely accentuate your natural beauty and be free from any reliance on products or surgery. We believe you deserve the perfect accentuation and application for your ‘èternel’ beauty.

We are professional artists who work to raise the beauty world to the level of fine art. We do this with passion through specialist techniques and tools, premium materials and an unwavering dedication to quality.

Experienced artists are here to save you from unprofessional applications and uneven effects. Our process is the most detailed, comprehensive and personalized permanent makeup service. We are proud to offer these world exclusive treatments.

Your ‘èternel’ beauty is our art. We won’t accept anything less than perfection.

The Unique Living Art Organization (ULA) was established on your behalf. You are the patrons of our artwork, our canvas and as such each piece is individually crafted. You are our medium for creativity. Inspiration is drawn from both sides, we are here for you.

We are honored with every commission and strive for the highest levels of professional excellence. For mediums involving long-lasting or permanent procedures our artists hold this creative collaboration as the embodiment of our moniker. You become unique, living art.

The ULA headquarters are located in Central. To ensure the highest level of operational quality a dedicated management team oversees both The Tattoo Temple as well as JP éternel. The Unique Living Art philosophy is defined through life-long learning, continued development and the pursuit of perfection.


3000 sq.ft. studio in the heart of Central, individual VIP rooms for each client. Private consultation areas, dressing room, pantry and a bar – ensuring every need is met across the entire process. We separate the sterilization area and artists office from the client areas so that we can concentrate on bringing the artwork to life whilst you enjoy the results. In order to maintain the most sterile working environment all clients remove their shoes upon entering. 


Hospital Class B autoclave for the steel grips sterilization each wrapped in hermetically sealed pouches.

Disposable Items

Needles, plastic grips, ink, caps, water-proof bed covers, plastic sealants, table covers, cable covers, machine covers, disposable pillow cases and any potential area that might come in contact with skin is covered by either water-proof sheeting or plastic wrap.


We only use distilled water for all equipment during the sessions.


Are specially imported from the USA and the UK. All exceed the most stringent international hygiene requirements, have been triple tested for purity and are completely organic. We also offer a range of specialist ink allowing for the re-creation of portraits and skin tones.

Personal Concierge

A dedicated Concierge Service will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Your personal concierge representative will be able to call and discuss your artwork directly no matter where you are in the world. A range of concierge services are available to all clients


We provide a dressing room for your jackets and changing convenience, disposable slippers, disposable underwear and bras (should they be required), blankets or heaters, Nescafé coffee, TWG teas along with a variety of refreshments. Free broadband Wifi, personal iPads along with noise cancelling headphones are provided throughout the session as well.


Joey Pang

Lead Artist / Founder

Joey Pang has developed a range of specialists techniques and is the world’s only professional Chinese calligraphy tattoo artist. The leader in a number of styles, she has a foundation in Asian art and traveled the world pursuing her passion for ink.

Her artwork and philosophy has been featured on most every global news network and industry publication. She trains all Tattoo Temple, Unique Living Art Org and JP éternel artists.


Founding Artist

Olivia has been painting since she was a child. Today she is a portrait expert at heart despite holding multiple qualifications in design, fashion and makeup.

Studying under Joey Pang for years she has a remarkable aptitude for refined contrasts and her expertise extends across multiple styles. She brings a graceful yet sensual depth to each and every creation, her unique work is a true credit to the profession.


Founding Artist

With a gracious and naturally attentive demeanor, Elizabeth specializes in both body art and makeup. With a preference for fine definition, creating her trademark subtly sublime aesthetics dictates that attention to detail remains second to none. Eclectically trained, she has an unparalleled talent for precision with a penchant for balanced, natural compositions. Apprenticing under Joey Pang for years she is a founding artist of JP éternel.



1.Why should I have permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup allows you to re-create the effects of traditional makeup yet removes all the potentially damaging and costly side-effects. You can look your best while saving all the time that would have otherwise been wasted on traditional cosmetics.

Beauty Art is a revolutionary innovation achieved through a world-first combination of consummate tattooing skills, professional makeup and portrait expertise. JP-èternel offers an unmasked sensuality, fitting you through every situation and environment. Freeing you from standard re-applications and potentially damaging topical cosmetics, treatments are wholly proprietary.

After the treatment you are still free to enjoy applying traditional makeup when desired. However the different is that now you have a professional guideline to follow and do not have to worry about losing this foundation after washing off any makeup applied.

There are a range of situations where you still want to have a natural makeup foundation without looking like makeup has been applied. For example when swimming, waking up in the morning with your partner, in the rain, etc.

The blush treatment allows you to always appear both youthful and healthy all the time and under any environmental conditions. This is something traditional makeup cannot offer.

Additionally, you are not a professional makeup artist. You might damage appearances by putting on the wrong makeup and not even know that it has happened. Our role is to bring up your natural beauty and finely tune the contours for you.

Treatments are for you to always look your best without worrying about traditional cosmetics. Treatments are pain free, completed by the most skilled experts and save you both time and money.

2.Is this procedure painful?

Not at all. Topical anesthetics are used to completely numb the area thereby minimizing or in many cases eliminating discomfort. It will take around thirty minutes to numb the area. Most find there to be little to no pain at all.

3.Do I have a choice of positioning?

Our professional makeup artists will discuss and guide you through the best ways to accentuate your most flattering features. Your personal consultant will work with you to ensure the ideal placement, contrasts and effects are achieved.

4.Do I have a choice of colors?

Absolutely. Hundreds of colors can be chosen and essentially any color can be created by your artist. All these options will be reviewed together with your personal consultant during your appointment.

5.Who can’t get permanent makeup?

If you are pregnant, suffer from high-blood pressure, diabetes along with a handful of other conditions will prohibit undergoing the treatments.

6.Can I change my makeup?

After the permanent makeup procedure has completely healed you are free to apply other makeup on top should you wish to create different effects, there are no restrictions.

Beauty Art offers an almost translucent foundation that allows you to look your best anytime, anywhere. The treatments provide a natural accentuation of your most flattering features, as though you were not wearing cosmetics.

7.What is in the ink?

Pigments are created using specialist organic elements. As they vary according to the color, a full list of ingredients for each kind of pigment can be provided upon request. All colors have been triple tested for purity and exceed the most stringent hygiene standards

8.I have very sensitive skin, what if I have reaction from the ink?

This is extremely uncommon. In very rare cases a handful of people from different areas of the world people have reported a mild itching sensation or longer than usual healing times when using a specific type of red coloring. However this color can easily be avoided and the incidents of any reactions to ink are

9.Why JP èternel?

Because we use our artists’ vision and technical skill sets to reveal your natural beauty.

We are the world’s only professional tattoo artists, makeup artists as well as portrait experts. We provide a tailored service available nowhere else in the world and offer unparalleled, personalized treatments.

Only Beauty Art from JP-èternel enables the lasting application of expertly refined makeup effects.

10.Are the materials used at JP éternel safe?

Completely. To ensure the highest quality results as well as environmental hygiene all materials used at JPèternel are specially imported from either the United States or the United Kingdom. Color pigments used exceed the most stringent global safety standards and have been triple-tested for purity. All equipment used throughout the process is disposable. Additionally the inks are completely organic.

11.Will it fade?

Yes, but extremely slowly. As the pigments will be more exposed to sunlight there will be a process of fading that will gradually take place. However all that is required is a touch-up or re-application, years after your initial appointment.

Fading of color is mainly due to direct sun exposure. Underneath sunlight, ink particles are heated up and shifted. This process may damage the details of your permanent makeup as well as cause the ink to be processed by your body, thereby fading.

12.What if the color changes?

All colors in Beauty Art treatments are expertly mixed with the settling process being accounted for during the application. Any unsightly fading commonly associated with permanent cosmetic procedures are avoided due to the JP-èternel artists’ understanding of the process.

Color will settle and fade slightly over time. This is a process your artist is aware of and will account for during the color mixing and application. And this is why we schedule a follow up check after the procedure, in case any minor touch-ups are required.

13.How can I avoid infection?

Primarily by following the aftercare instructions and keeping the area clean. There is only a risk of infection should the aftercare guides not be followed.

14.What are the side effects of permanent makeup?

If you were to do these treatments from traditional beauty salons or from non-professional beauticians there are a range of potentially harmful side effects.

When applied and cared for correctly though the only side effects from Beauty Art include temporary swelling and redness during the healing process. However after the healing process there are no adverse reactions from the treatments.

15.What if I regret the treatment?

There are some removal options, laser or waiting for the pigmentation to fade, but the main consideration is that you are clear this is something you wish to do prior to the procedure.

16.What do the treatments cost?

Please call (+852) 28017301 or write to for the latest price list and information pack.

17.What is the aftercare?

There are aftercare guides available online should you wish to research these beforehand. Our consultants will also provide you with an aftercare guide along with specialist cream immediately after your appointment.

18.When will I need a touch-up?

With proper aftercare and avoidance of sun tanning, you can expect the treatment to remain vibrant for longer. This is different for every client. The pigmentation will take the full month to settle completely.

All JP- èternel treatments consist of two separate applications. The first session sets the preliminary layout and coloring foundation. The second is completed one or two months after to perfect the shape and settled pigmentation. Two sessions are required due to the translucent, natural shading which allows for the unique ‘invisible’ makeup effects found only in Beauty Art. After that the healing phase the speed of fading depends on your lifestyle and physiology. Color will fade faster if you are consistently out in the sun.

VIP memberships are available for significant discounts on future treatments. Please contact the concierge for further information.

19.What does recovery involve?

There will be slight swelling and redness which will quickly subside. You may resume normal activities immediately after the treatment. Complete healing takes one to four weeks while the pigmentation settles.


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